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Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers (2021 Remaster)
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The National
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Release Date
September 2, 2003

The National’s second album, Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers (2003) proved a leap forward from 2001’s eponymous debut, showing a band adept at delivering warm embraces and gutpunches in equal measure. With word of mouth now spreading on the band, critics proved equally enthusiastic.Pitchfork in their glowing review called it a “Gorgeous train wreck” that “Lives up to its blunt title (with) Matt Berninger’s self-effacing barbs matched by the band’s equally potent hooks,” while Uncut also became early champions saying the album was “A genuine treasure... Livid as a bruise, this is brave, desperate, beautiful music.”

No longer a secret among those that know, Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers is an important record in The National’s discography with this new remaster showing that it’s more than standing the test of time.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Cardinal Song (2021 Remaster) 6:18 Buy

    Cardinal Song (2021 Remaster)

  2. 2 Slipping Husband (2021 Remaster) 3:22 Buy

    Slipping Husband (2021 Remaster)

  3. 3 90-Mile Water Wall (2021 Remaster) 3:44 Buy

    90-Mile Water Wall (2021 Remaster)

  4. 4 It Never Happened (2021 Remaster) 4:37 Buy

    It Never Happened (2021 Remaster)

  5. 5 Murder Me Rachael (2021 Remaster) 3:45 Buy

    Murder Me Rachael (2021 Remaster)

  6. 6 Thirsty (2021 Remaster) 3:48 Buy

    Thirsty (2021 Remaster)

  7. 7 Available (2021 Remaster) 3:19 Buy

    Available (2021 Remaster)

  8. 8 Sugar Wife (2021 Remaster) 2:21 Buy

    Sugar Wife (2021 Remaster)

  9. 9 Trophy Wife (2021 Remaster) 3:32 Buy

    Trophy Wife (2021 Remaster)

  10. 10 Fashion Coat (2021 Remaster) 2:02 Buy

    Fashion Coat (2021 Remaster)

  11. 11 Patterns of Fairytales (2021 Remaster) 3:43 Buy

    Patterns of Fairytales (2021 Remaster)

  12. 12 Lucky You (2021 Remaster) 4:22 Buy

    Lucky You (2021 Remaster)

The National

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