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Lucinda Chua
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October 19, 2022

Artist Lucinda Chua presents ‘Golden’: a self-produced song about identity and representation, accompanied by a short film co-created with director Tash Tung.

Written from the perspective of her younger self, Golden is an intimate and heartfelt meditation on identity in the absence of a role model. “Who do I turn to, when I don’t look like you?”, Chua whispers softly, a quiet, uncertain call to the universe. “When the sunlight hits me / I’m golden you’ll see.” Joined by a chorus of friends, musicians Laura Groves and Fran Lobo, their voices conjoin lifting the song into a luminous, anthemic entreaty to Chua’s younger self. “To be the first, to be the first”, they sing together, underscored by Chua’s uplifting string arrangements.

Partnering with film director, collaborator, and close friend Tash Tung (Semitones, 2019), the pair co-wrote the heart-rending short film that accompanies the song. The richly cinematic narrative short stars Chua alongside 9-year-old up-and-coming actor Coco Bridger as “Yian Yian” – Chua’s younger self. Assembling a production team of the UK’s leading East and South East Asian creatives, they enlisted the help of executive creative producer Tiger Hagino Reid, Producer Cheruto Wang, set designer Erin Tse, movement director Duane Nasis and photographer Milo Van Giap.

“Working with Tash and a cast and crew of predominantly ESEA talent was the first time in my professional life where I was not the minority.” Chua says “Representation isn’t only about diversity, it’s also the ability to see yourself outside of yourself, the encouragement to dream and desire. In releasing this work, I hope to make my younger self proud.”

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Lucinda Chua

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